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In 2014, the University Faculty Senate, as a representative governing body of the faculty, and its governing document, the Senate Charter, were approved by both the University Faculty and the Board of Trustees.  Following approval of the Charter, the Senate was duly constituted.  One of their tasks has been to set up the governing document for the new Senate.  During the 2015-2016 academic year, the University Faculty Senate developed, and the Faculty approved, the University Faculty Senate Committee Policy, which sets out the committee and committee process structure for the Senate.  

The final stage in the implementation of the University Faculty Senate is the modification of the University Faculty Handbook, so that the Handbook is consistent with the Senate Charter and the Senate Committee Policy document.  Last winter, the University Faculty Senate (together with the Provost) began this process.  At that time, the Faculty Handbook was downloaded from the website and turned into a PDF—which is provided at this link.  No authorized changes have been made to the Faculty Handbook since that time.

As part of this last step in creation of governance documents, the Guide to Faculty Governance will be eliminated.  At this time, some parts of the GFG—where it does not conflict with either the Charter or the Senate Committee Policy document—remain in effect.

Going forward, to ensure the integrity of the Faculty Handbook, it will be provided as a PDF available on this website.  This PDF is the authorized version and will also be kept in the Provost's Office.

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